SetCropBoxCurves: curves are not contiguous

Hi there !

I want to set the crop region of an apartment, depending of its Revit rooms. I’m able to retrieve a polycurve, however the node View.SetCropBoxCurves from MEPover tells me that the curves are not contiguous. You can see that the curves are properly closed.

This is an extract of the pyhton’s script:

Does someone have any idea ?

Can you build a single poly line from the curves?

A polycurve is not like a polyline ? I don’t understand what you mean

It is the same.

I think the question Jacob was asking was : do the curves you want to join form a single PolyCurve or do they form multiple PolyCurves ?
In the second case, you would want to separate each subset of curves (with the Group Curves node for instance) and create each polycurve independently.

Got it. It’s the perimeter of an apartment so polycurve of curves (see background).
It’s the intersection of a plane (from level) and a solid (from all rooms)


Confirm the polycurve is closed now. If not you have a geometry bust you’ll need to find or force a closure. If so, try a PolyCurve.Curves node (to pull the individual curves in an ordered sequence), and feed the results of that to the Python node.

Actually my second picture is the same as the first one. I just moved the GetItemAtIndex ahead in the script, the polycurves are correctly closed. A PolyCurve.CloseWithLine node doesn’t solve the problem.
I don’t get what’s wrong

I compared the X Y positions of every point and found out the problem. I got a shift of 0.4 mm between two walls that are not aligned (0.4 mm).

Is there a way to calculate with rounded value rather than exact values ?