Hey, so i’ve stumbled upon a problem with setting Crop Boundaries on views via given list of curves.

The error on python node is:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 56, in
Exception: Boundary in boundary should represent one closed curve loop without self-intersections, consisting of non-zero length straight lines in a plane parallel to the view plane.
Parameter name: boundary

Seems like all of the stuff it’s asking for is okay, apart from couple of (actually 10) lines that are shorter than 1cm - or I think that is the problem, as I can’t find any other solution why would these planar closed curves not work. I’ve tested this node on other file and it worked like a charm, this file though seems to have couple of these very short lines.

Can you guys correct me if i’m wrong and maybe try and give some direction on how to eliminate these short lines that are blocking the script?

So I’ve culled all curves shorter than 1, ran through another Polyline.ByJoinedCurves and checked if there are none shorter than 1 - still getting this error :frowning:

after culling curves shorter than 1.5 and rejoining, and checking if all are closed i’m getting different error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 51, in
Exception: This curve will make the loop not contiguous.
Parameter name: pCurve

Continuing on : after culling short curves and rejoining them node IsClosed shows all true. But I started to check these polycurves manually - by extracting those who returned nulls through CloseWithLine node and found stuff like this. A visible gap probably where my shorter curves where culled.