PolyCurves may not be branching


Can anyone help me understand this warning?

Branching warning












Could be an issue with trying to stitch together polycurves that ‘fork’ or ‘branch’ instead of being in one single line?

Hi Sol

Thank you for the reply,
My biggest problem here is i dont understand what branching is? i made a search for it, but i cant make any sense of it.

could you help clarify it for me?

Think of it like a tree with branches. You have a trunk (Main item) that goes into boughs (branches).

Like so:












At a guess, you have curves that are not aligned to each other, don’t quite connect properly, or split into multiple branches.











Thanks for that explanation Sol, it makes alto more sense now!

Althoug i’m still not seeing why i’m getting this warning, i’m just using the room bounderies to get the polycurves. And the bounderies looks like they are intact

You could try checking for lines that are co-incident? Not entirely sure how to do it off the top of my head - but there are some forum posts from memory on it.

maybe you show us the geometry you are struggeling with?