Rotation of Axes

Hi guys, I am a beginner working to extract information from Revit model by using Dynamo. The challenge I recently face is the extraction of x,y and z coordinates of floors’ points from section view. The coordinates are then required to calculate the width of element later.
However, it would be challenging to measure the exact width if the section is not cut along x or y axis, as Pythagoras’ theorem has to come in to solve my problem.

So, I am wondering if there is by any chance we can rotate the axes in the revit model instead of elements?

yes sure. There is a way…can you show graph or some images.

Sure. for example, I have my section cut in this way.

The way I obtained the c/c width is by calculating the x or y coordinates. So in this case, I would like the global axes to be rotated according to my section plane.