Dynamo Coordinate vs Revit Coordinate


Need some help to rotate clash family to right location.

I get an Error on node CoordinateSystsem.Translate :
Warning: CoordinateSystem.Translate operation failed.
attempt to set length of zero length vector attempt to set length of zero length vector

I can understand why I’m getting it but unsure how to resolve it.
“Think that the issue relies in internal origin and Project Base Point are in the same location?”

I’ve got a revit sample file that I’m working with, se pic below

@BIM_Mrbrango ,

hmmm … check out here


Hi @BIM_Mrbrango ,

It seems that the two points you are comparing are both are 0,0,0. And as such it results in a vector of length 0, where the error is coming from. Your nodes seem correct but the points you put in are not.

Hi Daan,

That is the default value from node, I think the main problem is Geometry.DistanceTo that returns 0

This is where I collect my info. I’m lost in “translation”…

What does the 375 value mean? It seems like your project base point is at 0,0,0