Set Values of Multiple Parameters to Multiple Elements

I’m struggling to determine which ‘lacing’ & ‘levels’ options to apply in order to get each of the elements (labelled “1” in image below) to have their parameters (“2”) input with the values (“3”):

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve read other topic entries but can’t find the correct solution.

It looks like you could use Cross Product for Lacing (#1 & #2) and Level 2 for the Values (#3). Another option may be to look at something like this thread.

Cheers for the input Sean, unfortunately i couldn’t get that to work so had to opt for the untidy solution


Hi @Andy_Grout

you can try with something like this. Pay attention in the Level of lists.

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I’m still learning dynamo.
but this is my attempt to transfer multiple parameters in to other family’s

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This works for me.

I have a similar issue, but working with family parameters and Orchid nodes. None of the solutions here seem to work in that case. My workaround is like the third post in this topic which as Andy points out is pretty clumsy.

Read Multiple Parameters Test.dyn (37.4 KB)

Whoa… I changed lacing in the parameter.getvalue to longest and it works now.