Get data of System type Families eg floor


Very new to dynamo but having fun !!!

I created a floor ( Beam and Block 225mm Susp Ground) in Revit and would like to get the Type Parameters example Keynote , Model … Type Mark using Dynamo? The Element.GetParameterByValue in Dynamo works on only properties i.e. Perimeter , Area etc. Could some one guide how to get the system type family parameters of a floor.





Element.GetParameterValueByName can get you any parameter value of a selected element. If that element is a family instance you have access to instance parameters, if it’s a family type you have access to type parameters. In the case of floor types, accessing the type parameters is easy because you can just use the Floor Types dropdown node (see image). For loadable families like furniture you can get the family type from a placed instance by using FamilyInstance.Symbol, for system families use Element.Type from package Clockwork instead.



Perfect solution. Thanks.