Set Structural Usage Parameter of walls of specific type by name

As the title says, I am trying to set Structural Usage Parameters of walls based on a string within the wall type name.
Example would be if it contains the words “exterior” to the type name, then I could apply a structural usage value of 1, 2 or 3

You set checkbox parameters with 0 and 1, not with a Boolean

0 = false
1 = true

I am not sure that exactly solves this, mind explaining @andy.leong? Even if I set it with checkbox parameters, as you said…I still need to be able to assign different structural walls with different structural usage values.

Basically I want the ability to filter specific walls based on type name and assign different structural usages based on the wall type names.

Example: Wall Type is named something with the word “exterior” in the name, I can select all instances of that type and assign it a structural usage of “Shear”. Other structural walls wont be affected because they do not have the word “exterior” in the type name.

There is no filtering in your script currently.

To do what you are setting out to achieve, the workflow would be to filter out the elements based on their type name, (with getparameterbyvalue) then set those elements parameter (which you have done with setparameterbyvalue).

have a bit of a search on how to filter elements.

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