Select specific elements (wall types) help

Good morning I need to select only wall types whose name contain “C” or “concrete walls” so that I can insert a parameter into them

The challenge I am having is being able to filter the walls I need from a project that has studwalls and masonry. What would be that best way to approach this?

I am thinking in terms of how I would only select items in a view filter but that doesnt seem to apply here.

An outline:

  1. Select all wall types.
  2. Get the name of each wall type.
  3. Search for the desired string (“c” or “concrete” or whatever else you may have) using a String.Contains node.
  4. Use a List.FilterByBooleanMask node to filter the list of all wall types (step 1) by the list of booleans from the String.Contains node. The list from the IN output are the walls which contained the desired string.
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Thank you, let me try that. Its all about knowing the nodes.

@jacob.small , I just found the time to try this out and it worked out well.
Thank you for you help. Glad it was all done with OTB nodes.

I guessing the list.filterbyboolmask node can be used to filter out items by a parameter if I wanted to? - all items which this yes/no = true just by plugging the right condition graphs to the mask ?

What is the difference between the node you suggested and the List.Filter node?

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Yes. Set up as many boolean tests as needed, just be sure that in the end your boolean list(s) are structured in the same way as your elements, and be sure that you filter the right list (often we see people filtering the booleans or parameter values, not the elements).

Easiest to show what List.Filter is, and let you come to your own conclusions: Dynamo Dictionary