Filter wall by function: Exterior


I’m trying to filter my walls in interior and exterior, but it does not work.
can anyone please help me? Thanks

I have 4 exterior walls

You don’t need the quotation marks “” with the string node.
Instead, they are required in a code block.
Replaces "Function" by Function.

in addition to what @Alban_de_Chasteigner reported, the function parameter is a type parameter not instance
you have to add the node “Element.ElementType” before getparameter


is there an other node for type parameter in order to add function?

Exterior =1
Interior =0
Foundation =2

But i have 4 walls set as exterior and the list shows 11 #1 and 2 #0 what is wrong?

it’s a bit weird
but I already see 13 walls

yes but i need to filter the walls, not count the total so what can i do?

also uses “Collector.OfExteriorWalls” from PACKAGE RHYTHM


And open that node to see how it was built. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to assign a wall function? setParameterByName does not seem to work.
and there is a Rhythm package that allows you to set a Type based parameter _SetTypeParameterByName, but that also does not work.

Its a parameter which belongs to a wall type rather than a specific wall.

That does kinda help…
Actually I figured it out…
I first needed to compress the list to the Unique Items, then once I had that, then the “Function” parameter of a wall is actually a number not a string.
I can now sort by a wall name, and look for “Ext” or “Exterior” and change the Wall Type “Function” to “Exterior” or “1”.