Set Project Parameter Value to Specific Categories


Simple question here, I have created a project parameter for a range of categories, and it’s not showing up in the element parameters list. What is the workaround to apply values to the project parameter for the assigned categories as indicated from the screenshot?

Much appreciated

I get the project parameter easily! Check if there is the correct category set. KR Andreas

It’s a bit odd because ProjectParameterByCategory shows the ScheduleCategory parameter while Element.Parameters don’t show it. Any other suggestions?

Forgot to mention that it’s a type parameter instead of instance.

That definitely makes a difference!

The key here is to get the family types instead of the elements (instances). I suggest installing the Clockwork package so you can use the ‘All Family Types of Category’ node as shown here.

I’m currently using Clockwork for Dynamo 2.x (v2.1.0) and Dynamo 2.0.3 but it should work in most versions of 2.x for either Dynamo or the package.

Thanks for that. I also just figured out that it’s missing the Element.ElementType node prior to setting the parameter value.This would allow me to access all the type information

Yes that also works, however if you have multiple placements of the elements it may set the parameter multiple times. Placing a ‘List.UniqueItems’ after the element type node would reduce them down to a types list of those placed.

Keep in mind that the elements nodes will not obtain types of unplaced elements also - this may be what you’re after. If you want to impact types not placed, I would suggest using the Clockwork node instead.

Thanks a lot for sharing the great tips. I will let you know if I come across any issues with the Clockwork approach.

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No worries - it’s a brilliant package, lots of great features. I rate it and archilab very highly.

Hi all,
I am a “newbee” to Dynamo and I need some assistance.
My intention with this graph is to automatically count the number of sheets used in the project, and then to read the value into a “pagecount” project parameter. I am hitting dead ends with this error.

Greatly appreciate the assistance!!

Hi Mauritz,

For future reference, please start a new thread.

See if this workflow helps?

Hi Kevin,
Will do next time.
Did exactly as per your graph. Still returns this.
Is this perhaps a setting issue?

the warning states the storage type is not a number, try add object to string after list.count and use that output to value.
In addition, make sure you have a project parameter setup under “Page Count”, in my case above, I did it as a instance parameter.

Thanks Kevin. That solved the problem.