Listing Project Parameters

I am looking for a way to list all Shared Parameters (at least their names).

I’d like to export them to an Excel sheet for a quality control.

Any ideas?

Hi @jigu

Use Element.Types node you will find SharedParameter-> AllElementsofType node -> Element.Name node.


If you need to know the category assignments: I recently added two nodes to Clockwork that will do that for you:

  • Document.ProjectParameters will retrieve all project parameters and the categories they are assigned to.
  • Document.ProjectParametersByCategory will retrieve all project parameters that have been assigned to a given category

However, the nodes do not distinguish between simple project parameters and shared parameters.


@Kulkul , I can’t find it Dynamo 0.8.Do you have any other solution?

please update to 1.3…no one has touched 0.8 for the last two years.


I can’t upgrade as I’m using Revit 2014.So I have to find another way.Can you help me please? @Konrad_K_Sobon @Kulkul