Creating project parameter to a specific list of elements

I would like to create a project parameter for a particular list of elements from Revit in dynamo. We have a node " Create Project Parameter" in Dynamo, but this can only create a parameter for all the elements which belong to the category. I want to create parameters for only a specific list of elements of a category.
Can anyone please help me?

This is not how project parameters work in Revit. They are applied to all elements of the nominated categories. As far as I know Dynamo cannot break this rule - it is hard coded.

If you want to work this way, you could add shared parameters to loadable families instead. System families you are limited to the entire category.

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I am happy to hear from you. Is it possible to write a code in C# for breaking this rule?

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No. it’s not. The parameter can be added with category wise, not with element-wise.


In nearly all cases, C#, API, Dynamo, Python etc. cannot break rules - they can bend them via workarounds sometimes but we are still limited by the underlying workings of Revit (with a few exceptions that use some very strange/risky workarounds with unintended consequences - e.g. moving the internal origin).

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