Set position of elevation points in Feature Line using dynamo/python

Hello guys. So I have specific polylines already drawn for me, which I turn in feature lines in order to create a surface, and i need to divide them in 20m (that’s my station measures for height), and i tried like REALLY hard to make this via dynamo, bc my polycurve.Byjoinedcurves always give me the Wire error, and the other 2 nodes i found, just make a new polycurve made out of straight lines between the points in the geometry i get spliting the original curve by 20m length with points.equalsegmentlengthfrompoint.

Soooo i figured out i was maybe in the wrong way, and switched to trying to insert elevation points in these points that i got spliting the original curve, so i can mark them height and just interpolate the original vertixes. And i figured out there’s no ootb to insert such points in the feature line (lol).

Does anyone knows how to get around this via python or custom? Or can point me a direction of another workflow to achieve the same result.


Hi @guilhermegiandoni,

I don’t think I’m completely understanding you. Is this what you want to do?

InsertElevationPoints.dwg (433.4 KB)
InsertElevationPoints.dyn (22.9 KB)

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Hi @guilhermegiandoni

I will also suggest bellow node to create points along the curve at 20m or any other interval.

you can provide polycurve as input and 20m interval as length.