Parameter.SetValue for multiple family types

I need to set different parameter values for different family types (values are read from excel before)
When I try to use Parameter.SetValue Orchid node it looks like its only populating last values instead of all of them. Any ideas what went wrong?

  • btw. I am using Revit 2017 for that and cant get done it in newer Revit

try setting lacing to longest

Not sure if there’s anything different with the Orchid node, but why not just use the standard SetParameterByName node?

It doesn’t work inside family file. So I have to use Orchid one, or any other that would work inside .rfa

I tried that, and still have same problem. I also tried to work on levels - still nothing :frowning:

Can you confirm it’s writing to the parameter value and not the formula field?

Yes. I double checked that before running dynamo.