Orchid_Set family parameter by parameter name

Hello guys I am having a problem using Set family parameter by parameter name from the Orchid package.

Not sure why is not behaving properly, values not copied.

Screenshot, dyn and rfa attached.

Set values to current family types.dyn (5.8 KB) XXX-DI_TextLine-Type_1-X-1.rfa (500 KB)

Thanks in advance

any ideas here???

Dynamo uses “wrapped” objects when dealing with Revit. You’re supplying the Revit object type.

Try using this instead:

Thanks Nick
The only workflow I have found to set parameter values in family types within the family editor is using the node from the Orchid package.
I’d rather avoid doing this in the project environment if possible.

Any way to do this in the family editor?

Strange. It works for me in my own test but I can’t get it to work with your family.
Maybe @erfajo has some insight.

Many thanks for checking Nick!!!


It’s really interesting, but I tried to get the right result for one first, and then for all.
Here’s the problem with the list arrangement.


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Hmmm… I didn’t have to adjust lacing on my test family. And the node is returning a list with the correct structure. It seems like this shouldn’t be necessary.


That’s why it’s so interesting. I want to thank him for this wonderful package, and I wonder about his(@erfajo) ideas.


Eric doesn’t come on the forum anymore, I would contact him at Github :slight_smile:



Many Thanks Guys for having a look, I’ll try lacing longest!

Hello Durmus,

You were right it works if lacing is longest.

Even though as Nick mentioned above the structure of the output is the same.

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