Set Parameter Value by Name in Document

Hello all, I am trying to find a node that will successfully populated parameters in document open in the background and found this node by Rhythm, but I got this error message. Does anyone know how to resolve it? Also, I tried the node by Genius Loki, but I cant seem to get that one to work either… any help would be appreciated. (like if you have another package name that does this, or Python script) thanks!

That node does not work and should not even be in the package. It will be removed in the next update.

Use GeniusLoci instead.
This thread discusses this in depth,

Hi John, that is actually my post also. As you can see if you read to the end, it doesnt work. Or at least, I, cant get it to work. When I had a list of 4000 elements. That node produced a list of 23million. I dont think that it is working the way he thinks it is supposed to…

I won’t be able to help by that single screenshot. I was more answering regarding the Rhythm node.

Closing this thread as the other one is yours and you should continue this conversation there.

I can say that you shouldn’t just blame the node when you lacing and @level are modified.

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