Can you modify text parameters in a model open in the background?

Hello all,

Is there a way to open a model in the background, modify some text parameters, and then save the model and close it. These nodes from the Rythm package seem to suggest there is away to do it, otherwise this close.document node wouldnt have a save button to it, right? Anyways please let me know, thanks!

The OOTB set Parameter node will not work as it does a transaction in the current document. It is technically, possible, but difficult to do with Dynamo.

The Rhythm package’s save function is primarily for upgrades. To save the file once the upgrade is complete.

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Hi @mix,

The SetParameterByName node works only in the current document (not in the linked document).
I have a SetParameterByName in Document node but it’s capricious.
Use a passthrough node when you have finished to work in the linked document to link the document output of the OpenDocument node to the CloseDocument node.


Hi Alban,

I am not sure I understand this:

Could you show me what you mean please? I am not using a linked model.

Also, I am intrigued about your SetParameterByName in Document node you mentioned. Do you have it in a package somewhere? As I would love to check it out!

Yes, bad terminology. I wanted to write opened in background document.

The SetParameterByName in Document node is in Genius Loci package.
This should work fine for one parameter and one value at a time.

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Is there any way it will work for one parameter, in many families with different text values at a time?

In theory yes, with the right lacings or list levels. It’s worth trying.
I don’t have time to investigate myself yet.

Do you have any suggestions on lacing or list levels, this seems to be a strange result for a simple in put like this. Its somehow chopping up the list by 2s for some reason


The SetParameterByName in Document works fine for simple cases like the example below :

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I do not seem to be able to get the same as you. Please see below. I am using Dynamo 1.3.4, if that makes a difference?

Can you provide a Revit sample file with your family instances (Electrical Pt) and your dynamo graph ?
And I will try with Dynamo 1.3.4.

Do you have an email i can send this to? my revit file is to big… i am attaching the script and the point familysave to open in background script.dyn (23.3 KB) GTP.rfa (240 KB)


It is working fine for me.

EDIT : wrong number of values

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Hi again, I tried to do as you suggested but the node does not seem to want to work, can you see what I am doing wrong?

Also, I am not so sure about this comment you made with x-1. You have a different number of inputs than elements to write to this way.

@Alban_de_Chasteigner are you sure you tried with dynamo 1.3.4? it looks like you are still using dynamo 2.0+?

You are right for the wrong number of values, I got confused between the index and the numbers.

After verification it works in Dynamo 1.3.4.

The answer is post 9 : multiple parameters and multiple values
multiple params
Look at the list levels and lacing.

Hi there @Alban_de_Chasteigner,

I tried that as you suggested but still it does not seem to work. Can you please advise. thanks!

Is your Genius Loci package up to date?

I have version 2019.1.28 installed.
if I try to install any newer versions I get this error message.
Do you have a version of this node that will work in Dynamo 1.3.4 or a python script?