Set Multiple Parameters by Name for an Element

I am trying to set multiple parameters at once using the Element.SetMultipleParametersByName node from Rhythm, but it is only changing the first parameter and not the second. What am I doing wrong?



Here is a demo script that alters the values of multiple parameters


Also tried altering the Sheet Number, but sometimes it throws up a Read only error.

The below script with Sheet Number is the same as the above, but doesn’t always work.




The node from rhythm takes a comma seperated string. But at this time I don’t have it working the way I want. I didn’t know it was added to the package already. Sorry about that. Vikram’s example is a better route at this time.

Thank you John and Vikram. I am new to Dynamo and Designscript so I just wanted to make sure it wasnt me.

John, I think the node will work if you remove the curly brace operator around the n1 variable, since the String.Split node already puts the parameter names into a list (i think).Set

Thanks tim!