Set parameter to Materials and get parameter of the Elements that are composed of those Materials!

Hi all, hope you are fine!
is there a way, in nodes or python, i can set a parameter and its values as “Degree of Flammability” to the each of the 9 materials given in the list below along with their ids and in return i get the value of parameter “Degree of Flammability” of the 24 “Elements” that are composed of these 9 materials automatically?!!

Hi Uaftab
If its not a default parameter create that parameter and assign it to Materials. As shown in below image.

Then use the dynamo program as shown in the below image (change as per your requirement)

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I think this is the right solution. I will check it soon. Thank You so much for your time. :heart_eyes:

I cannot find “material” category as shown in your Parameter properties panel! :confused:
also specify if i want to make a shared parameter if i want to apply it to all other projects in future? if yes, where to save it and how to load it in the new projects? thanks.