How can get parameter of Material?

I cannot get parameter of the material.

Is that a Type or Instance parameter. If the former: you need to use the Family Symbol (Family Type) as the element input. The latter: you need to use the Family Instance as the element input.

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in the Material, I did not see what is the type or instance. Please show me that?

You should ask Revit questions on the Revit forum (and learn Revit) before learning to use Dynamo. You need to know Revit before Dynamo given that you’re not using Studio.

Hihi, In the material type. Please try to search the type parameter and instance parameter. Besides that, I also use the dynamo node content the type and instance parameter, and it cannot get the parameter.

Works for me with the built-in GetParameterByValue node. Have you tried that one?

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I try it before. Actually, we can get parameter of the element, but the parameter of material cannot be gotten. I also find the many ways, it does not have the result.


this should work


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I see, but I want to get the mark or description of these materials.

like this?

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that’s right. But the parameter name is mark or description, etc …

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