Revit dynamo python script for Setting Parameter to Materials

Hi all, hope you are fine!
is there a way, in nodes or python, i can set a parameter and its values as “Degree of Flammability” to the each of the 9 materials given in the list below along with their ids and in return i get the value of parameter “Degree of Flammability” of the 24 “Elements” that are composed of these 9 materials automatically?!!!

Hi @uaftab.cem19,

I think this would be possible. The step by step plan is composed of 2 parts I think:

Part 1 Prepping you model

  1. Create a Shared Parameter for the materials and the categories* you want to analyse inside your project called Degree of Flammability
  2. Assign values for Degree of Flammability to the materials (You can do this with Dynamo)

*Levels, grids, annotations, etc… dont need Degree of Flammability parameter

Part 2 Analyse your model

  1. Get the Elements for which you want to calculate the Degree of Flammability
  2. See of what kind of materials they are made (Walls/floors can have multiple material)
  3. Read out the Degree of Flammability for the materials of the elements and calculate the Degree of Flammability for that element.
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Nice. I think this will work. Just need to see how to create shared parameter for a material. Thankyou for your time. :heart_eyes:

I cannot find “material” category as shown in Parameter properties panel! :confused:
also specify if i want to make a shared parameter or project parameter if i want to apply it to all other projects in future? if yes, where to save it and how to load it in the new projects? also i want to apply this to “type” or “instance”?

It should be a Instance parameter, because every material has a different Degree of Flammability.

It is under Instance --> Materials