Element.SetParameterByName changing multiple parameters possible?

Hi All,

Im trying to change the parameters of a family with the “Element.SetParameterByName” node.
And when I use a single parameter to be changed it’s working. But when I want to change multiple with the some node I’t’s not working.

I’m using a code block to enter the parameterName like this: “Mark”;
and the value is an string output from “Springs.Number.ToString” node.

But when I put the following in the code block: {“Mark”, “Top Level”, “Base Level”};
And create a list from the Springs node and two Levels nodes I get a crewed-up output!

Is that because a list isn’t a string? And the value needs to be a string input?

I tryed finding the “Element.SetParameterByName” node in the Dynamo dictionary but couldn’t find it.
So hoping you can clear things up for me.

Hi again :slight_smile:
You need to use a Level.Name node after Levels to get level as a string
Object.Type helps to see the difference:

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Hi @Yna_Db,

That didn’t work. I still get the message that the parameter input is not a string.
I solved it for now by making multiple “Element.SetParameterByName” nodes.
But I deffinitely have to look into it sometime.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much time right now but I did this and it seems to work (see the level @L1 in SetParameter):

Hope it helps…

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I’ll deffinitely will check it out very soon.
Currently struggling with a different problem. But I’ll make a new topic for that.
Thanks for you help and time offcourse!