Set multiple parameters using single value

Hello All,

I’m trying to create a script that set a single value for at least 6 parameters. I thought the element.setparameterbyname would but it isn’t. Is there any substitute packages which is similar to element.setparameterbyname?

Hi @Kris

Show us your complete graph with previews visible for each node.

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I’ll post it when I get back at the office.

here you go.

this script list all shared parameters with the word “date” in it. I try to use the element.setparameterbyname node but it only put data on one of the shared parameters.

A tip for taking pictures of your graph, zoom in until you can read a node clearly and then click the camera button. Don’t worry if you can’t see the whole graph, the camera button will take a picture of the entire thing at the zoom level you see in Dynamo.

oppps sorry.
Here’s a better one

count number of the Value should equal the count number of the element,
so even you want the same value for 6 parameter, repeat the value 6 times by using Cycle Node

oh, never heard of cycle node before. I’ll try this one out. Thanks

I solve my own problem. I have to change the lacing to cross product. Since I the parameters I want to manipulate are present on each sheet and they have the same value