Set location for all elements in revit

Hi. I am Trying to place all of my elements at each of the four points i have created in Dynamo.
Currently it looks like this:

What i want is more like this:

My dynamo file looks like this:

I have added List.OfRepeatedItem, but that doesn’t change anything. Glad to get som hints on my issue and please let me know if it is unclear


The bottom script will work if you put point by coordinate in front of it and unfreeze it like below. It all depends what category your family is in. This won’t work for a structural column.

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you cannot use repeateditem to copy your family,it will keep change the location for same family, you need to copy it first and set locations for each, Rythm package has several nodes for that,

or you can get the family type of the selected family then use familyinstance nodes, by point or coordinate, but you have to repeat it every instance then combile them by list create and set them a desired location

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Thanks for the reply. I was hoping i could use something like the familyinstance.bypoint that worked for all the elements in a .rvt file, but it seems i have to convert the project into a family.
The file i want to do it with consists of far too many families to be able to do it one by one.

Now i need to figure out how to convert .rvt to .rfa, but i think there are other forums for that :wink: