Set Level Filter in Schedules, Value varies

Hi Everyone,

I have made a script which will duplicate a given Revit schedule (in my case columns) for all levels in a project and name them with a prefix and the level name. I want to also set a the schedule filter as "Base Level, Equals, and then have the value set to match the level named in the schedule
I have found a few nodes which look like they should work but I haven’t been able to get them to work. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

I can’t upload the actual script at the moment.

Newbie! Thanks

It’s working here in Dynamo 2.0.3 and Revit 2019.2 …

Copy Schedule.dyn (37.0 KB)

Can you post a wetransfer to a couple of test files?

Sorry for the slow reply. I tested it out with your one and it worked fine! I think I was missing the last piece of Schedule View.Add Filter. Thank you so much, I will try and replicate that in my script as we have not upgraded our scripts to 2.0.x yet.