Set "Length" of a Metric Generic Model line based Family from Excel

We have a Metric Generic Model line based Family.

The “Length” is a fixed Family parameter. Based on the line in the Revit Project.

Is it possible to override this “Length” from Excel input?

Revit -[export]->Excel.
In Excel adjust parameters
adjusted Excel -[import]-> Revit

Error by override the fix parameter “Length” Because this one is based on the Line you draw in the Revit Project.

Revit_export_Schedules_to_Excel_02_beta.dyn (69.1 KB)

Could you upload better images? You’re showing everything, which is great, but it’s too zoomed out and nothing is legible. Try using the camera button in the top right corner of your Dynamo session.

I also uploaded the dynamo file. And in the google drive there is the Revit project file.

You’re passing a Null through your GetParameter nodes which most likely means you’re not setting the Length parameter - but that’s the whole point of your post…

I tried doing this yesterday afternoon and had the same results. The problem is that Length for a line based family is more like a reporting parameter than a true family parameter. I think you’d be better off placing a new family instance at the correct location/length rather than trying to modify the existing one.

Replacing the family instance seems to be a lot easier. You’d be using your Excel information and probably a little math to get you the correct curve geometry but the process should look similar.

With that being said, I don’t know what “adjustments” you’re making in Excel but you might be able to do them in Dynamo. That would let you do everything in one graph.

Thank you and I will try it.

The adjustments in Excel is the true or false check of the construction frame force and then it will give me a type of construction frame. It’s protected data so I can not put it in dynamo.