"FAMILY_LINE_LENGTH_PARAM" Built In Parameter is wrong?

Hello everyone!

I’m having some trouble with the Built In Parameter “FAMILY_LINE_LENGTH_PARAM”. I’ve create a line based family and I want to obtain the Legth of each instance. I’m using the Built In Parameter to avoid problems with “Element.GetParameterValueByName”.

I really don’t understand why the “Family_Line_Legth_Param” shows a result approximately 3.28 times the true length (this 3.28 factor has been always this in all the tests I’ve done).

I suppose that the problem is on my family, but it’s such a simple family that I don’t get it. Can anyone please help me?

Auxiliar_Pasillo.rfa (480 KB)

Revit internal values are stored in Imperial units, you have to convert to Metric.

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Hope this one help you…


Such an easy answer… for a noob question.