Trying to get Dynamo to replicate the Family Type into Type Mark

Hi All,

Im very new to Dynamo, ive been trying to follow a few of the Forums on here to solve my issue. However, none seem to have solved it just yet.
I am trying to get Dynamo to essentially copy the Family Type Name into the “Type Mark”. Is this possible, if so please can someone help me to achieve it.

For Example, UB-Universal Beams-Column

I want the * to be copied into type mark on every family type.

Hi Dan,

start by assembling a list of elements you want to change. since you want to change type parameters you’ll need to find the types not the instances. Do this with All Family Types Of Category from the Clockwork package. Then use Element.GetParameterValueByName, followed by some optional modifications to the strings then Element.SetParameterByName to set the Type Marks.

something like this, took about a minute to change all 1049 types.

you might have to filter down your list further using filterbyboolmask before Element.GetParameterValueByName