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I am trying to simplify the exporting of model categories from Revit. I think the best way would be to create a new 3D view for each category, or categories, and then export that view to FBX. So a new view would be created for Walls, or Floors, or Windows, etc, then in each view only that category would be visible and I would export that as an FBX. I cannot seem to figure out how to change visibility of categories in Dynamo. I am able to create a new view based on a name, but how can I hide all categories except for the specified one in a view? So hide all model categories except “Walls”?

Looks like @Konrad_K_Sobon has a workflow posted on archi-lab. Check out the second image from the top.

Hello Derek,

There’s a node in the ‘MEPover’ package that can set the category visibility for a view. That might be useful as well:


Awesome. That did exactly what I needed. Thanks for the help guys

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@T_Pover great stuff. Do remember that Dynamo 1.3 has OOTB node that does exactly the same thing:


That’s great to hear! I still haven’t upgraded to 1.3 though because of the Revit 2015 issue :frowning:

Hi This is not in the archi-lab package anymore where can I find it?

It’s not in the archi-lab package, it’s an out of the box node in Dynamo 1.3 or for lower versions it’s in the MEPover package.

many thanks T_Pover

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