How to turn off visibility for 'Annotation Categories' in Revit family

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I want to create a Dynamo script to turn OFF the visibility of Annotation categories for different views within a Family(RFA). I extracted the list of Annotation categories using a Python script obtained from forum, and tried to use View.SetCategoryOverrides node. But it is not working. Can anyone please have a look at my work below, and tell me where i went wrong.



I just updated MEPover with a node that can set the visibility of categories for selected views. For every view you provide a boolean to indicate the category visibility. Here’s how it works:

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Thanks for the reply. This is exactly what i was looking for.

  • Vasu

Does this work for sub-categories as well? I tried it this morning, and it didn’t seem to affect the subcategories.

Please start a new thread and reference this one if you need to rather than reviving a 3 year old topic.