Category is Visible in View Template

Hello all,

I am trying to make a script in which I try to compare View Templates and possibly transfer the settings of the 1 to the other.

Now I find myself unable to find out whether a Model Category is checked or unchecked.

I came across the node View.CategoryIsVisible in the ClockWork package, but unfortunately it doesn’t work in Dynamo 2.6. @Andreas_Dieckmann is that right?

Does anyone know of another way or package to find out the above?

thanks in advance

What kind of error message do you get? and which Revit Version do you use?

@Deniz_Maral thanks for your quick response

It’s really weird, tried numerous times yesterday with multiple inputs, but every attempt got null as output.

Just wanted to take a screenshot of the script with the errors and then the node works.

Perhaps it is also good for dynamo to have a good night’s sleep.

You are right, it worked for me, too but then if you change something it gives only nulls. I think there is a problem with Dynamo Core. I will take a look.

I have indeed continued with it and it is indeed true that as soon as you change something you get null as output.

By the way, I work with Revit 2021