Set calculated parameter of all type

Hi There,

I’m triyng to set a parameter of all types under one loadable family.
All values are different and need to be increased by 5.
So i’ve managed to create a srcript that does work, only for one type at a time.
That leaves me to run the script for 30 times since i have that many types under this one family.

I’ve also managed to select all the types under this one family.
Only I can’t feed the whole list into Element.SetParameterByName.
I can see why, because it is Element and not Elements.

So does anyone have an idea on how to run this for multiple types at once?

I’ve already answered you on rfo…

Thanks Daniel

And then by surprise it seems I could just feed a list of multiple element in the get and setparameterbyname.
And just that easy I have my solution.