Separate/Sort/ Exterior Curtain Walls from Exterior Basic walls

Hello everyone!
I`am trying to sort out different curtain walls like “Pavillion Curtain Wall”, ",“Storefront” and “Exterior Curtain Wall”
I need any advise from you, different methods that you may know how efficiently separate Basic Walls from Curtain Walls after sorting walls to exterior/interior by boolMask
The logic is to find all exterior and interior walls, sort them to interior and exterior function (this already done) and after that exterior walls to separate to Curtain wall family and to Basic wall family for further editing

As we can see on the screenshot we have 58 exterior walls and 38 from this list is Curtain Wall family
The template I use is rac_advanced_sample_project
My .dyn file here---->2_ Walls and Curtain Walls.dyn (19.7 KB)

You can try finding the Curtain Panels and get the host from them

Thanks for your fast response
I have already a list with all external walls names, they are mixed with basic walls.
I need a list of 2 families in the 0 All Curtain Wall families and in 1 all Basic walls.


I am unable to read the nodes on your screen capture
Can you fix that?

yes, sure
Here it is

I also add in the topic start a dyn file

Ok that is better

The logic here is that curtain walls have Panels.
So if you can extract the panel, its host must be a Curtain Wall
Then filter by boolean mask and list create will get you your list.

I understand the logic, but I cant find any node to make it.
Now I`ve found the way to get curtain Walls, but I cant separate them from walls after boolmask it gives all list together, and also gives an error in CurtainPanel.ByElement node but works anyway.

what if you count the number of curtain panels per wall >0
this will give you a true of false for the boolean mask

Solution was found in How to write curtain wall mark value into doors hosted in that curtain wall? in post that was done by @Konrad_K_Sobon

I Tried to use CurtainPanel.HostPanel as stated in Konrad .dyn file instead of python script, but it fails in some reason.
Anyway thanks for the ideas and for help solving my problem!

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