Curtain wall cut with a Basic wall

Hi all,

I have a model where the the wall openings (windows and doors) are modelled as curtain wall. I want to find out which curtain walls are cutting which basic wall so i can filter. Why? I want to subtrack the Type parameter “function” from basic wall and apply that to the same curtain wall. see it as following: Curtain wall is a element and i want to find out which basic wall is the host. Can somebody look into my script a let me know what i am doing wrong?

Wall cuts

thanks in advance

Hi @shahrasa

Try using Element.Host custom node from clockwork package.

I tried that, but it doesn’t work, because walls do not have a host. Usually their are the host.

Thats why I tried to intersect their curves, but that is wrong…when cutted, they don’t intersect

@shahrasa Did you try using Element.Insert node?

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No, i will look into this and will let you know if it works

Hi Kulkul,

Sorry for the late reply. Your method worked wonderfully. Thank u so much.

regards Shah

@shahrasa Please mark the post as solved. You’re Welcome!