Detecting the voids on the exterior wall


I have a 3d model which I want to select the interior and the exterior wall separately.
After that, I want to specify/detect where the voids are located.

I’m facing two conundrums to solve this.

  1. when I’m using categories = walls node to specify the walls first, how do you then filter out whats inside and outside? Inside walls are specified with blue and the outside is specified with red.

  2. in terms of detecting the voids, its bit difficult because they are 3d modelled as curtain wall instead of an window. Categories node does not have the curtain wall option so not sure how I can detect them.

is there are a way where we can detect all the curtain walls and turn it into windows on dynamo?

thank you for your time in advance.

This seems more of a Revit question than a Dynamo one?

There are different ways of differentiating interior walls from exterior ones.
You can set the function under the type parameters.

You could put exterior walls on a different workset or you could name your exterior walls accordingly, say prefix them with EX-cavity wall for example.

For a curtain wall to be seen as a window you need to edit the panel and change it into a window which you can do it Revit pretty easily.

In the example below I have 1 curtain wall embedded in the exterior walls of my project.
Note it’s not a curtain system so the Element Types node needs to be set to walls not CurtainSystem. Then I have used a boolean mask to remove the walls I don’t want by name.

Note there are nodes in the Rhythm package to chose either interior or exterior walls.

Thank you very much for this response.
this is very helpful for me especially I just started learning revit and dynamo like a month ago.

quick question

I know there is a node that goes through the list and finds out the items that includes a string that you set up as an input. for example if you have a list of all these different words and want to find the words that has the alphabet “D” and “E” at the same time.

Also I have collector.ofExteriorWalls node but wall type name is giving me an error.

thank you for your advice!


Like this?

With the image below you’ve asked it to be equal.
You should ask it if it contains.

Also don’t forget to tick these if your question has been answered:


Yes, String Contain node was what I was exactly thinking about.

Thank you!