Sending a command back to Revit

I have a wall which i converted to a solid. I am subtracting a sphere from the solid. They both show orange in Revit but they are not actuall cutting the wall. How to I confirm the command in Revit

Share an image.

The orange form in Revit is just a preview of Dynamo geometry and was recently addressed here

In any case, you will not be able to cut elements in Revit with geometry created in Dynamo. (at least not in the manner you seem to be attempting)

Thanks Vikram. What is the best approch to take to cut an object in Revit. Currently I’m bring the Wall in to Revit and a duct. converting them to a solid. Getting the intersection and placing a sphere at the point of intersection and doing a solid.difference.

I’ve been trying to find sampes of this type of work flow but i haven’t been able to.

Referring to this discussion should help.