Cut selected geometry with second array generated geometry

I try in vain to cut a geometry by another generated by a network and I do not see where is the problem to generate the cut and make it appear in REVIT.
Would you have an answer please?

Hi there

If I understand you correctly, you are trying to intersect all those cylinders with the planar surface?
Try this:

  • Flatten the surface.Thicken list using the List.Flatten node.
  • Then use the Solid.Byunion node to join the cylinders.
    Let me know if that is what you are looking for.

Actually I want to subtract the cylinders from the selected face to get a grid

Now is it ok for cutting, buut i would like to create revit element or modify element who is selected

You want to export the elements into revit?
Sorry I’m not understanding you. Could you maybe use google translate if English is not your first language. Might help me understand better. Thanks.

yes that is exactly what I want.
Be able to display the result in REVIT.

Thank you for you precious help

You could use the node DirectShape.FromSolid / BySolid (i dont remember the exact name) from the springs package.

This, however, is only 1 option if you want to create other object types, i.e. a familyinstance, that’s also possible. If you search the forum i’m sure you’ll find plenty of examples.

See the solution here.