MEP Cutout

Can someone tweak on the below grapgh… the geometry is not cut

The node is referring to geometry elements, not Revit elements. You cannot cut Revit elements.

Thank you Nick. What may be a feasible way out.

2.dyn (26.0 KB)

shared the dyn

Use the geometry of the family instances that you already have. Using Element.CutGeometry instead of Geometry.Intersect should do it.

Edit: I would still recommend using Solid.DifferenceAll though.

Edit 2: I see your response in another post. I didn’t realize this was for geometry in a family document.

HVAC CutOut.dyn (40.3 KB) void_sphere.rfa (468 KB)

The issue was there with the family. The cutout is working well.

However thinking to improve on the same when the link HVAC plan changes, how to fill the previous voids.

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