Send email error (packagers Rhythm)

You can help me fix

Doesn’t work anymore. Google changed some security settings that I haven’t looked into much. I am dropping this node from Rhythm actually.

If you enable “less secure apps” for your account( which is a terrible name, they should have called it disable oAuth 2.0 or something), the old method should work fine.

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Thanks Dimitar. I tried that a couple of times and had issues. Honestly, I gave up on it because this was more of a novelty at the time. :joy:

I think the ‘proof of concept’ is nice, and should live on as a 60 second Revit blog post for the rest of time, but agree that this type of work should be moved out of the package. Too niche for something as useful as rhythm.

I do see potential uses with stuff like script use tracking in multi-location offices, but there are other ways to do that (append a text file, etc). Attachment capability would have been nice for a few scripts I use (field report starter as one), but even then there are other methods that don’t blow up my inbox.

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The devs hear you @JacobSmall :

Append text to file. :slight_smile:

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i would love to see this functioning. Some scripts we run take over an hour to process. it would be great to get an email notification when it’s finished