Selection of Revit Elements with Dynamo

I am a college student and am really new to Dynamo and am trying to get better at it to further my skills, not for any class. What I am trying to do right now is

Get Dynamo to select elements out of a Revit model. I did that
Compare the ratio of two-element parameters. Got that too
Test the ratio to be higher or lower than a specified number in true false. I also did that
Now what I can’t do is get Dynamo to select all of the elements that fail my test in my Revit model. That way I know what elements need to be changed.

I want to use this style for various different applications an element analysis but I can’t get it to work.

Check out the Springs package which has a node which does exactly this:

If you are using a List.FilterByBoolMask to separate the elements which pass/fail your test you can just feed them into the element input of this node.

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