Select Elements - Filter

Trying to write my first Dynamo routine. I am able to use the Select Elements - Count how many Elements and place that number in my family parameter. What I need in between is to Filter out some of the unwanted Revit elements that I do not want counted, since the Select Elements node only allows a box and does not use the Revit Filter. I need to be able to select elements, not all the elements in model or view.

I think I need to this by list or categories, but not sure of the input and output. Thanks for any assistance, please keep answer to “Dynamo for Dummies” Level.

I would rather isolate the elements in view before selecting them

Thanks I had thought of that and was using it that way. Was hoping to learn a little more about Dynamo, but isolate way is working for me.

You can also try the RemoveIfNot node, just use an Object.Type node to select the right types as an input.
Please send screenshots if you get further issues :slight_smile: