Selection behavior filter

dear all i upload image can you guide me how i change selection behavior i want select pipe once with mark (good) don’t want select with mark(x).
its very big drawing i upload small area please help me i want tagging after selection horizontal or vertical

Hello here is a way for sorting vertical versus horizontal


Hi, sorry for the slight digression from the original topic.
In your codeblock the term Revit added comes from the fact that you are using a detached dynamo version of Revit?
I thank you in advance
I am a newbie.


No problem :wink: not sure i understand what you mean by detached dynamo…I use Dynamo for revit here :wink:

Thank you for answering :+1:
here are the pictures for better understanding
Capture d’écran 2022-04-13 142201
programme sovetek essai à travailler_2022-04-13_02-22-38

I’m on Revit version 2020.2.8 in education mode
Capture d’écran 2022-04-13 142347

Thank you for the time given :wink:
oops I had forgotten the Element after Elements.
Looks like we don’t need to specify Revit or Autodesk

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dear sir thanks for help. can you share this .dyn file i face problem i m new user dynmo.

Hello @rashidsohail27 and @christian.stan …here is a way with ootb hope it helps…

PS when we need filter by bool mask as designscript the output is a dictionary
pipe designl.dyn (8.8 KB)


thanks sir. from my hart<> :blush:


hello, you progress faster, by trying to redo the proposed approach (reflection and dexterity too), it’s actually educational, it’s still a beginner’s personal opinion, the script I saw here could potentially be part of automatic numbering of walls by horizontal and vertical rows.


Yes can probably be used for lot of things :wink:

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Hi all.
I have one thing now again. I try to make vertical and horizantaly seprate and on top view b & c also want seprate example is image. Mention
In drawing i have 3 types pipe a is rizer b is top view but 180 degree and c is 90 degree direction.
How i make 3 option for 3 type slection
Can you guide me fore code.

Use a similar approach to before, but instead of just looking at the Z value of the vectors look at the X value. If X is less than 0.5, it will be B, if it is not vertical and is greater than 0.5 it will be C.