Tag - Pipe

Hi everyone, I’m a new traveler in this software, so I’m trying to learn more about Dynamo <-> Revit.

I’ve got a problem and would like a help with this:
I’m developing an automatic tag in revit to set the orientation flow according to the difference between the End and Start Offset. But, when I run the script:
“Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 130, in
TypeError : Expected element, got float”

Sorry for any grammatical mistakes!

Your input list for Elements insn’t a list of elements, it’s a list of numbers. It looks like you’re filtering the parameter values rather than the elements.

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The filter is because some pipes were created in a different order (low level to the highest and high to the lowest). But, is it possible to “convert” the list into elements? or what I’m doing is totally crazy?

The filter is fine. The problem is that you’re filtering the values that match your condition and not the elements that match your condition. So you end up with a list of values instead of a list of elements.

The list input on FilterByBoolMask should be the list of elements, not the list of values you got.

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Thanks for your help and reply!

I’ve changed some stuffs, like the Tag type based on the filter. But I still have some problems with my input Elements (Create Annotation Tag):

“Traceback (most recent call last):
File < String >, line 128, in < module >
TypeError: Pipe is not Iterable”

I’ve tried to get the diameter as a parameter (my family tag includes material, parameter and the arrow to show the orientation flow). But I don’t know how to set this correctly or what I doing wrong.

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