Selecting view filters with specific name from list and delete them in Revit


Hi I am having a small problem. My goal is to select filters from project [every filter that in the name has on the end value : (1), (2), (3)]. In the second step I would like to delete those filters. I could manage the selection part by List.FilterByBoolMask but now I don’t now how to select sorted elements and delete them in Revit. Please help me .



Hot to select those items in Revit and delete them ??



After the watch node where you have a filtered list, place a delete node or an eraser node.
Make sure youre graph is not on automatic when using delete nodes.




Thank you for replay. The problem with deleting those things is that they appear as string but not as an object with ID. But thank you anyway for your idea.



Any other ideas ??



Try the Element.Id node in between the watchnode and the delete node.
Or take a look overhere Id to Elements, what happened to the node



Thank you Marcel

I ve realized that I had something wrong with connecting the nodes.