Deleting Drafting Views

Hi all,

I’m trying to delete some drafting views that are filter as per the image attached.

for some reason I not allowing me to dele the filtered views?

Any thoughts?


I have found that if I have Revit open in the type of view I want to delete, it won’t delete. I don’t know if this is your experience too. But if so, simply go to a 3d view and then try running it.

This isn’t the case I’m afraid but I do know what you mean. Dynamo also will not run if you have an element property box open…

thanks for your post anyway

You are feeding in your Sheet names as a list, this is not the elements themselves, just a parameter value. I also think you should be using the “FilterByBoolMask” instead of the “List.Filter” you are using.
See the below image. Same as you have, but feeding the element list into the filter node does the trick.

Hope this helps



Spot on! thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:

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