Unable to delete view templates filtered from a list

Hi guys,

Sure this has been solved somewhere but can’t find it.

I’ve been trying to delete a list of view templates in a project from a filtered list by string ‘RC’
No clear which node to use at the end to delete the actual elements - I’ve tried Springs and Archi-lab but still not working smoothly.

Can you run the graph and repost the images as a camera export? We aren’t seeing any error here.

Zoom in so you can easily read a node, and click the camera button in the top right corner of your Dynamo window.

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You’re feeding strings not elements to the List.FilterByBoolMask. Wire the elements in as the list and you will see different results. :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t work on 3D view templates tho

I recall those are a special beast attached to a bug which @Andreas_Dieckmann files awhile back. Can’t recall which node, but he mentions this in a description somewhere along the way. It may be on your graph already so check there first.

@jacob.small - That’s an old one with a bit of history and apparently still unfixed. I opened a new issue for it and referenced all the relevant previous issues and PRs. FYI @Konrad_K_Sobon

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I think this works for C#, but could probably be translated for python?

FilteredElementCollector 3DviewCollector= new FilteredElementCollector(doc).OfClass( typeof( View3D ) );