Using Dynamo to delete multiple 'Filters' from a Revit file

Could Dynamo be leveraged to access the ‘filters’ of a Revit project, to delete multiple un-required filters? Currently, having to click and choose delete… I’ve 300+ to remove… very manual…


You can find a list of all view filters in your project by setting the Element Types dropdown to “FilterElement” and feeding it into All Elements Of Type. After you’ve filtered the list to only include those view filters that you want to get rid of, you can proceed to delete them. Both package and package SteamNodes contain nodes that allow you to delete elements from the model.




Perfect! I hadn’t realised that FilterElement was on the list!

Solved, Thanks Andreas!


I googled around and fount this discussion.
I’m trying to achieve the exact same thing, deleting about 100-200 filters.

This tool is completely new to me and so for I’am very impressed, though I’am not getting the whole picture here.

So far i’ve made a list with all of the filters in my project but im not getting the erase or remove function.
Im thinking that i would want to delete a range of filters using the number in front of the filter name, or is that even possible?

So far I’ve tried different builds and none works as planned.

I downloaded both of the node-packages mentioned above!


Something like this:

Tool.Eraser is from the steamnodes package


I can’t get this to work help!

I’m not sure what the problem is, but Steamnodes hasn’t been updated for a while
Try a node such as Elements.Delete (Archi-lab package)

It might be to do with list levels- looking at my screenshot from ~5 years ago, it was a bit different then