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Currently I am finding the best way to edit Topography for houses on steep slopes is to use a combination of building pads under the buildings and flattened topo-regions for the surrounds.

What I want to know is: - Is it possible to select every topo-point at a specific height with Dynamo (or Revit) so that I can change them en-mass when the building height is changed?

Thanks and Images below :



Hi @Lucy.SWMUDM,

You are on the right track here, but when you use the == -node, you’ll only get true’s if the value is exact - also the decimal points. So what you could do is try to round the values before testing for equality.

Exactly as @MartinSpence said.
If you need, you can also use a code block to select all the numbers in a range:


Cheers Martin thank you for you and Luca’s responses: those are good points to know and will help improve my dynamo scripting.

However this doesn’t seem to be affecting what I am trying to do.

See below:

Because what I am wanting to do is select the points within the topography which are representing a graded region, so that I can change them en-mass.

How can I select points within a topography through dynamo? Dynamo selects the topography, it reads all the points but it doesn’t select them.

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After you obtain the points in Dynamo, you can edit the subset in Dynamo (up or down), place a new topography via Topography.ByPoints, and then delete the old topo. This would likely need to be done before you do any work with pads and split regions as they would not transfer over.
An alternate solution would be to manually edit the topography in Revit-- in an Elevation view or 3D view oriented to the side, do a window select of the points at the elevation you desire to change, and then change them. You could deselect any unwanted selected points by further refinement from other view angles.

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You should connect the Topography.Points output to List input in List.FilterBooleanMask. At the moment you are getting the elevation, not the points.
Apart from that, I think you can move the points with MovePoints method in a Python script. I will give a try and get back to you

edit: apparently it’s not possible with Python, I gave a try as well and always got error:

At this point I would you suggest to use @Nick_Curtis indications

maybe a weird thought here:

can you edit the points when you are in edit topography mode and start dynamo?

havent tried it myself

Hi Luca,

That’s good to know that I am selecting the elevation, not the points. This forum is a great resource for helping me to think about Revit and dynamo in smarter ways.

@Nick_Curtis Thank you also for your suggestion. I’ll give it a go. …I feel like I’m getting closer to a best practice method that will work for my company with this help.

@m.rijsmus I’ve tried it and it does a quiet freeze AKA it does nothing but doesn’t crash, ‘run started’ etc. I may need to test it on a less complex topography also.