Dynamo Topo / Top of Foundation Script

Hello, at the moment I am working with a sloped Topo and I have been asked to set the top of foundations -650mm from the top of Topo. Manually setting each column base level offset would be very time-consuming,

So my question is, is there a way that Dynamo can automate this process, the image below kind of makes more sense of what I am trying to achieve.

@Kieran_Atherton Not sure if you just want to do it in Dynamo, but you dont need Dynamo for this.

Go to a 3D view and have only your Topo and Foundations visible > Select all your foundations > In the ribbon, select “Pick new Host” > Select the Topo as the new host > Set the offset in the Pile properties to whatever.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply Alisder, I tried that but the foundations are controlled by the columns so they wont move unless i change the column base offset

Here is something to get you started @Kieran_Atherton:

To convert the topo to a dynamo surface I used the code from this post:

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All roads lead to @Vikram_Subbaiah !!

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In addition to all of the above: Instead of converting the topo to polysurface in designscript, download the springs package and try the Mesh.ToPolySurface node. It’s multithreaded and performs significantly better on larger /topos/meshes.


Thanks guys, Much appreciated, Il play around with your suggestions now.